How Can I Earn with Printed Certificates?

If you teach a free course, you can earn by enabling printed certificates of completion for your online course.

When you enable this option, upon receiving a certificate of completion, we will offer purchase and international delivery of your course completion certificate to each student for 30 EUR. You will earn 10 EUR from each purchased certificate, funds will be transferred monthly to your PayPal account.

Our printed certificate really stand out because we offer:
  •  High-quality printing
  •  Watermarked paper
  •  Secured with serial holographic seal
  •  Free global delivery from Finland

If you would like to enable printed certificates for your course:
  • Navigate to your course
  • Click on Certificate tab
  • Select "Free online copy + printed certificate
  • Add your PayPal account
If you would like to learn how to enable online certificates for you course, please refer to this guide "How to issue an online certificate?".

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