Can I create or issue an online certificate?

If you would like your students to receive an online certificate (which they can share online or download as a PDF) please:
  • Navigate to your course page
  • Click on Certificates tab
  • Click on "Free online certificate"
Please note, in order to receive a certificate, you as a teacher should Issue it first:
  • Navigate to your course page
  • Click on Gradebook tab
  • Click on "Issue" button next to each student's name 
As an instructor, you only need to press "Issue", we will take care or the rest:

We will send an email to a student about certificate
A student will see a popup with certificate on the course
A Student will be able to add it to LinkedIn profile or download PDF

If you enabled also printed copy, students will be able to order a high quality copy of a certificate and we will credit you 10 euros from each purchased copy.

You can see more in this video

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