Is it possible to get student's view of the course (preview)?

When we were just starting Eliademy, most of the LMSs available then had distinct student and teacher views (with lots of buttons all over the place usually). We decided to work from the other end and make the interface as light as possible, thus "view as" button also went away.

As of now, everything a teacher sees is identical to what a student sees except for:

  • An edit button for course material and tasks
  • Gradebook tab
  • Settings tab
  • Participants tab (if you explicitly disabled it)

Also, Task screen allows teachers to see all submission from students while students can see only theirs.

If you still want to see "student view", you can register another free account and send an invitation to join to this second account. Please note, it is best if you do using 2 separate browsers. For example in Chrome, you are signed in as Instructor while in Firefox you are signed in as a student.

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