Pricing of Eliademy premium (how it is calculated)

First, let us explain course access modes and when do you need a premium subscription. There are 4 main types of courses you can create on Eliademy:
  1. Invitation only course. Your course is searchable in Google, but an instructor has full control on who gets in. This mode is used by high school/university teachers to supplement in-class learning or distribute materials online.
  2. Open course. Your course is searchable in Google and anyone self-enrol. This mode used to teach MOOC courses for free.
  3. Paid course. Your course is searchable in Google and anyone self-enrol after paying enrolment fee with a credit/debit card or PayPal. We take care of payment and transfer 70% of course revenue to instructor's PayPal account. This mode is used by many individual instructors to earn online.
  4. Private course. Your course is completely hidden from The internet and only invited students can access it. This mode is usually used by private schools, training houses and small companies. In other words institutions who would like to deliver courses only to a limited number of people privately.
First 3 modes are absolutely free for anyone to use. However, in order to teach a private course, you would need a premium subscription. In addition, after subscribing to premium version you get:
  • Admin interfaces for mass enrollments and user management
  • Ability to conduct webinars directly on Eliademy
  • Increased space for private videos
  • Customisable (white labeling) landing page for your courses
  • (coming in late 2015) Ability to accept payment from students directly with alternative payment methods (bank transfer, an invoice, cache, WebMoney etc)
  • And few more, please check full list at
Billing is structured like this:
  • Fixed monthly fee of 5 euros
  • Monthly payment of 1 euro per month for each unique user (teacher or student) on private courses you teach
For example you have group of 30 students who are enrolled to 5 courses, your bill in the end of the month will be only for 35 euros (30 unique students at 1 euro/month rate + 5 euros monthly fee). If you will unenroll all students by the end of a billing period, your bill will be 5 euros only.

There are no limitations on the amount of private course you can create. Also, you can use premium subscription just to get additional features and teach the open course. In such case, you only will be charged 5 euros a month.

The easiest way to see weather premium subscription works for you is to start a 30-day trial at You don’t need you provide your credit cards details or any other obligations. If you will not like it, your account simply will be converted to a free one after 30 days. Also, you can stop your premium subscription at any time.

If you have any question, please let us know via tiny question mark in the bottom right corner.

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