What is Eliademy, is it really free?

Eliademy (əlɪaˈdəmi) is a platform for instructors to create, share and teach online courses.

With Eliademy you can run the course in the format that suits you the most. Our simple visual editor allows you to create an online course with text, pictures, file attachment, multimedia and even upload your own videos. You can assign and grade task and quizzes, reward with completion certificates, discuss with students on course forum and even teach with webinars. All in one place, where all content and control belongs only to you. You can see full list of features at eliademy.com/features.

Eliademy serves the big mission to democratize education with technology. We believe that education should be available to all and everywhere. Thus, for teachers and public schools, our service is completely free to use, forever. We do not sell ads or data about you or your student to third parties. We allow instructors to charge for enrollments and designed a premium service if you are looking for a platform to train your employees, customers and partners confidentially (more at eliademy.com/premium).

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via support@eliademy.com.

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Eliademy team

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