Embed a Google Form to your course

You can use Google forms to create surveys about your course or tests which results you want to store externally.
  1. Create a Google Form and be sure to think of having the participants enter their names.
  2. When your survey is ready, press send to in the upper right corner.
  3. Next to the URL there is a button called “embed”, press that. Copy the given link (it will look like <iframe>...</iframe>).
  4. Go to your Eliademy course and press "Edit" on the lesson to which you want to add this survey and then press "source" button on visual editor toolbar.
  5. Paste the link where you want the form to be placed and close the source editor.
  6. Now you can edit both height and width parameter of the form by double-clicking the "Iframe" object
  7. Change "width" parameter to 100% for the best outlook and adjust the height according to the form height.
  8. Press then "Save".
  • Remember to add a field for participants’ names if the answers are individual.
  • To embed seamlessly your form: Avoid long surveys, use page breaks. It will look better, so after one question is you can set the form to move to next page instead of showing all the questions in one page.
More information about embedding content with IFrame can be found from this article:

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