Use dynamic pricing to promote your course?

We are launching a new promotion model this fall. Before that, you are welcome to join our test group by sending us an email. 

Why dynamic pricing?

Supposedly you have a course on Eliademy that normally costs 100. Sometimes it is a bit hard to get a massive early enrollment because of the price tag. Without a significant amount of early enrollment, your course will receive few feedbacks, which further affects its credibility. Limitation in credibility and early enrollment will subsequently reduce the possibility of massive future enrollment. 

How does dynamic pricing work?

Instead of charging a static price, say 100, for your course, you could set the price for the first student who enrol to be, say 1 (Starting Price). From here on, the price will automatically increase by 1 (Price Step) after every new enrollment. That means, in this case,
  • the first student will pay 1, 
  • the second student will pay 2, 
  • the third student will pay 3, so on and so forth...
The increase will continue until the price hits, say 50 (Ceiling Price). After that, each new enrollment will cost 50. 

The merit of dynamic pricing

It is our hope that the dynamic pricing could 
  • Lower the price for early subscribers, thus boosting the early enrolment.
  • Encourage students to enrol as early as possible, since from the a student's perspective: the early I enrol, the better deal I will get.
  • Encourage user sharing on social media and hopefully, positive course reviews as testimonials of the course quality. 
Okay, I'm interested. How do I start using dynamic pricing on my course?
  1. Mention that course has dynamic pricing in the course overview
  2. Set starting price (Course/Settings/Access)
  3. Increase the price every time you get a new enrollment (you get an automatic email each time someone buys the course)

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