Promote your course after you publish it

Great efforts for all the pre-publishing promotion! Now you are ready to officially publish your course!

On the launch date, announce the course publishing to all your channels (social media, emails, friends and family). Take advantage of your publishing event (if any) to interact with your audience. Ask for feedbacks. Encourage the event attendees to share the course information with their friends. 

Conduct the maintenance of your course. Answer the student questions daily. Be flexible and adjust your content according to your students' feedback. It is also a good practice to add bonus content to keep your students engaged. 

Now that you have established a good foundation for your course, you could start promoting your course to your business networks. For instance, if you are a Yoga instructor or a basketball trainer, your yoga class or basketball camp are appropriate settings for such promotion. You could give out your business cards (with the title or the link of your course) to your students. Giving away promotional coupons in these settings is also a good way to attract the users. 

Continue to maintain your channels. Giving constant update and uploading new content is a good way to achieve this. 

We hope you find our promotional tips useful. In addition to all the advices above, there is no better way to further enhance your success by creating new courses! This time around, you will find it much easier to get a large enrollment number for your new course, because you have already got a shiny proven track record!

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