How to make a great course overview

Course overview is your display window of the course, users make an enrollment decision based on the information you provide here. Here’s a few questions you might want to answer. We also recommend to check and article about "Online course formats".

Course Title

What is the short, concise name that summarizes my course?

Course introduction, few words which explains the topic of the course.

[Introduction video to the course, if available]

You can add amount of lectures, tasks, running time lectures or running time of the course here.

17 lecture videos

17 quizzes

Objectives + Outcome + Visual Summary

What knowledge and skills will students get by taking this course? Why I should take this course. Instead of bullet-pointing everything, you might want to go creative.

Assessment criteria (if you’re handing out certificate)

What are the criteria for receiving the certificate of completion?

Course Requirements (if any)

Are there any required skills or knowledge for taking this course? Or some software, devices and tools which are essentials to fully utilize the course.

Course level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance or not applicable)

How advanced is my course? Especially if you are giving different level courses of the same field you can mention your other courses here.

Course duration (Hours/week + number of weeks)

If your course is time based or for example enrollment is open for limited period of time – and you are providing direct communication with your students. You should let the students know, what is the time frame for active period and how much effort is needed to complete the course. Self paced course what is the estimated effort to complete the course in hours (videos + other materials + tasks).

About the instructor

It's your time to shine. Add your picture. Hand out a short bio of you that shows your skills and experience. If you have LinkedIn, Twitter or other social accounts - add link to here. Fill your profile page on

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