Learner’s and organization analytics

Learner’s analytics for Instructors

You will find a new option “Analytics” in the profile section of your course. As an instructor you will view learning data for all courses you teach. Along with summary information on all users, courses, topics, tasks and quizzes You will be able to view day to day detailed data on:

  • Enrollment history, to view when your students enroll the most;
  • Engagement with course content, to view what topic and tasks generate most interest;
  • Historical graph of engagement data, to view when some particular topics are of interest for students;
  • Task submission progress, to view how many students follow the course at a set pace;
  • Grade distribution, to view how well your students perform with tasks.
By default, a summary data for all courses is shown, however you can select data specific to a course. Please note, that historical data is available from 15th of May 2014. As your course evolves, more data will become available. See your learner’s analytics right now.

Business analytics for Administrators

Eliademy for Business administrators will have seamless access to analytics data for all courses created by members of an organization.

In addition to the learning analytics features, administrators will also be able to view statistics for each individual user of an organization. Amount of courses user is enrolled, how well user progresses on the tasks/course and when was the last time users accessed each course


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