How to upload and store private videos on Eliademy

Videos uploaded to Eliademy will be visible only to course participants and nobody else (unlike YouTube). This gives an unlimited amount of possibilities if you want to distribute confidential videos or deliver high-quality commercial courses to your audience.
  • You can add a video by:
  • Navigating to a course you teach
  • Choosing a topic where you would like to add a video and clicking "Edit"
  • Clicking on "upload a video" in the footer of course panel
  • Choosing a video fro your computer, waiting till it gets uploaded and then choosing "Add uploaded video to this topic".
Please note, video upload is a beta feature and currently limited to 1Gb per user account. If you have large amount of video we highly recommend using excellent Vimeo Plus (you also get an option to restrict access and we support an automatic embedded of Vimeo content from a URL).

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