How to submit an assignment or answer a quiz

Click on the "Task" tab in the course. Depending on the task type, your actions will be a bit different


  • View questions and select correct answers
  • click on "Finish" button at the end of the quiz
  • If you want to retake quiz again then follow "How student can retake quiz";
Please note: when student starts the quiz and answers a question:
  • Correct answer and explanation will be shown immediately if student has only one attempt
  • For multi-try quizzes student will only see weather answer is correct or not after answering, and will see all correct answers and explanations only after sending quiz results


  • Select the written task you want to submit.
  • Enable task editing by clicking "Submit" button
  • Enter text using visual editor or upload files by clicking "+ Add content" (note 10MB file limit)
  • Click on "Submit" Button located on the upper right side of your screen
You also have the option "Save as draft", that will allow you to save the current progress of the task so you can finish it later.

Make sure to deliver all the tasks before the due date set by the teacher, in order to get the stated qualification. Remember, you can always edit your task until the teacher grades it.

Please note: as a student, you can modify draft answer unlimited amount of times (upload documents, change text, etc). Once an answer is submitted, no further changes are allowed. However, course instructor can choose to give feedback and ask for corrections, instead of grading the answer right away. This will give an option to a student to improve answer and resubmit.

Assignment without answer

If you don't see a "start your answer" button, it means this task does not require any submission. It can be home reading or independent homework that does not require verification.

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