Add edu apps to your course content

In order to improve your course content with additional material you can attach with just simple clicks, make sure you already created a course in Eliademy.
  1. Select the course where you are teaching;
  2. Click on "Add content" located on the bottom of the topic;
  3. Click on "Edu apps";
  4. Select the source where you want to extract the content from and click on "Next";
  5. Add a key word about the content you would like to find. Once you find the right video according to your needs, click on "Done" to conclude.
Note: The best way for educators to discover LTI apps at the moment is Edu Apps website.

Congratulations! You just learned how to add even better content for your course. You can also add pictures, videos, among other functionalities. Take a look at the rest of the guides for further information about other features. 

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