How to add collaborative writing pad with TitanPad to Eliademy

This article describes how embed TitanPad to Eliademy by using IFrame container. Instructions how to use IFrame container can be found from here.

Once you have set up your public or private writing pad to TitanPad ready to be embed - copy the URL from address bar and add it to the IFrame dialog as it is.

If you want the pad to be in full screen mode and no sidebar -use the code below:
Replace with the complete URL to your pad and enter the whole string from above to the URL field.

The width and height attributes of the pad goes to the respective fields. For example width of 720 and height of 480 are suitable for Eliademy.

Please also note that if you embed a public TitanPad without secure connection (http:// in front of the URL instead of https://), your browser can a generate notification about "page including scripts from unauthenticated sources" and your pad is not visible.

This can be handled either by signing up to TitanPad and setting the secure connection from your account settings on, or by allowing your browser to load scripts from unauthenticated sources.

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