How do I export calendar from Eliademy and configure my calendar application

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Click on Eliademy iCal URL and save in on your computer;
  2. Click on the File Tab -> Open -> Import;
  3. Select “Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)” and click Next;
  4. In the popup dialog press "Import".
Unfortunately Microsoft Outlook by defaults allows only importing events, thus you will not receive calendar updates. If you want to receive updates, please use 3rd party plugin, for example Outlook iCal Subscriber.

Apple iCal

  1. Click File-> "New calendar subscription";
  2. Paste Eliademy calendar URL into the "Calendar URL" field;
  3. Click "Subscribe" button;
  4. Name this calendar "Eliademy Calendar";
  5. Set auto-refresh to every 15 minutes and press "Ok".

Google Calendar

  1. Click on drop down button on the right of "Other Calendars" label (section in the bottom left corner);
  2. Choose "Add by URL";
  3. Paste Eliademy calendar URL;
  4. Click "Add calendar".

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