Add a link (URL) to course material

  1. Select the course you want to modify;
  2. Press "Edit" button. You can add a complete URL address to the content or you can highlight a particular word or phrase that you want to connect to another website with relevant content;
  3. Click on the "Link" icon located on the course editor toolbar;
  4. Paste the URL of the website or content you want to add on the specified field and click "OK" to finish.
In order to edit a link:
  1. Clicking the link with left button of the mouse;
  2. Selecting "edit link" from context menu;
  3. Edit the link;
  4. Select "target" tab. From the menu there you can select the desired action from options which are:
  • New window
  • Topmost window
  • Same window
  • Parent window
By default, all links are opened in a new window.

Now your link is ready to use as course content. If you found this information useful take a look at the rest of our guides.

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