How to start a discussion on a course (course forum)

Full rich text editing is enabled for all forum posts, including even old ones. Bold, italic, lists and quotations – all of the features instructors already used to create beautiful courses. You can even add hyperlinks and math formulas directly to the posts.

One of the most popular feature requests was a sub-forum. Now instructors can create thematic forums, in addition to General discussion board.

Instructor presence is clearly indicated across all forum posts. Discussions started by teachers are marked with corresponding icon, and a special label is shown for all posts made by instructor.

Both students and teacher can add a direct reply to a particular post in a discussion.

To save you time each time you open Discussions, we will show you the Recent page with last 10 posts that have happened since you have been away.

In order to start a discussion, please follow these steps:
  1. Click on the tab "Discussion";
  2. Now click on "+Start new forum";
  3. Enter forum name "A";
  4. Enter forum description;
  5. Click on "Done";
  6. Now click on "+Start new discussion";
  7. Enter name of the discussion;
  8. Enter message to the discussion under forum "A";
  9. Click "Post";

Note: all participants receive an automatic email notification when reply is posted in the discussion they are interested in. 

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