Import a course in Moodle format to Eliademy

Before proceeding, please make sure you have a file with Moodle course. You can check this guide first - How to Export a course from Moodle.
  1. Open course Dashboard
  2. Click on "Reuse course";
  3. Chose "Import";
  4. Follow the instructions in the video to download your course on Moodle. Then Click on "Upload file" to upload your content. (Note that your downloaded files must be in ZIP or .MBZ format).
At the moment Eliademy import supports:
  • Text (topic descriptions)
  • Pictures (added as resources)
  • Videos
  • File attachments
  • Tasks
  • Quizzes (only multiple choice)
Support for following items will be added in the near future:
  1. Labels
  2. Book objects
  3. SCORM objects
Please note, this functionality has been tested only with courses imported from Moodle 2.3.

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