Add, modify or delete a calender event for your class on Eliademy

All course tasks and assignments with due dates will be automatically shown in the calendar for all participants the same moment you create or change it. Additionally you can create a custom event for all your courses, such as exams, field trips and office hours. New “Add event” widget allows you to have fully customizable title and lets you add a location and notes to your event.

Remember that Eliademy calendar can also be synced with your Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook or any other CalDav compatible application, so you can have it even on your smart phone.

Follow the steps to access calender:
  1. Click on the “Calendar” tab;
  2. Click on "+Add new event" to add a calendar event or you can just click directly;
  3. Select a day for the event;
  4. Provide the basic information required (to which course belongs the event(personal/course), tittle, location, start and end date,notes about event;
  5. Click on “Save”;
  6. During your course, you might have to change the date of an event due to complications that may arise. To do this, go back to the calendar and select the event you created, we will use the same example for this guide;
  7. Provide the new information for the event and click on “Save” ;
  8. In case you do not wish to modify, but to delete an event, you just have to click on “Delete”;
  9. You can see the upcoming events in "Events" panel.

We hope you found this information helpful. Take a look at the rest of the guides to get to know our features in a better way.

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