How to add and edit content

  1. Select the course you teach;
  2. Click "Edit "button;
  3. Type the text or copy course description from any office file;
  4. Edit the text in visual editor;
  5. Add in-line images (File size can't exceed 10MB; file types JPG, PNG, GIF are supported);
  6. Add in-line YouTube clip, Vimeo clip, SlideShare presentation or any other multimedia material;
  7. To add a new topic/lecture, click "New topic" (topic title can't exceed 255 characters);
  8. Click the "Add Content" button if you want to upload:
You can also hide the new topic from student until it is ready to be published by clicking the "Hide from Student" button on topic panel.

When you are ready, click "Save". New content will be visible to every participant on your course and they will get an automatic notification about changes.

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