Knowledge Base

  1. 1 - Getting Started 

    1. What is Eliademy, is it really free?
    2. What kind of courses can I make on Eliademy?
    3. Can I sell my courses (charge for course enrolments)?
    4. Why there is Eliademy Premium?
    5. I represent an NGO or a public school, can we use Eliademy Premium for free?
  2. 2 - Course Content 

    1. How to add and edit content
    2. Add a picture in visual editor
    3. Add or embed an online video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to a course
    4. Add or embed a multimedia material (SlideShare, Prezi, etc.) to a course
    5. Add a table to course material
  3. 3 - Tasks and Quizzes 

    1. What kind of tasks or assessment types I can create on my course?
    2. Can I reorder tasks?
    3. How average grade is calculated
    4. Can instructor change task or quiz when at least one answer is received?
    5. Grade assignments/task and leave feedback
  4. 4 - Course Access 

    1. What course access should I choose?
    2. How can I invite students to a course
    3. Course email invitation invitation status (delivered or failed)
    4. How to unenroll (delete) students?
    5. How to add another teacher to a course (co-teacher)?
  5. 5 - Advanced editing 

    1. Embed a Google Form to your course
    2. Add or embed content via iFrame to a course
    3. Edit HTML in source mode
    4. Can I change color of text background
    5. Import a course in Moodle format to Eliademy
  6. 6 - Accounts & Settings 

    1. I can't login, how can I reset or recover my password
    2. Can I delete / remove my account
    3. Can I update my email address
    4. Can I change my display name
    5. Can I change language
  7. 7 - Premium features 

    1. Pricing of Eliademy premium (how it is calculated)
    2. Organization landing page
    3. Update company name and logo
    4. User directory: Invite users to join
    5. User directory: organization roles
  8. 8 - Earning with Courses 

    1. How to set a price for enrollment on my course
    2. Promote your course before you publish it
    3. Promote your course after you publish it
    4. How to make a great course overview
    5. Online course formats
  9. 9 - General Questions 

    1. How to promote your course in Eliademy
    2. Add, modify or delete a calender event for your class on Eliademy
    3. How to start a discussion on a course (course forum)
    4. What should be used as a name of a course topic
    5. How do I export calendar from Eliademy and configure my calendar application
  10. Часто Задаваемые Вопросы 

    1. Основные возможности Элиадеми
    2. Какой тип курсов я могу создавать?
    3. Как создать новый курс в Eliademy
    4. Как добавлять и редактировать содержание курсов
    5. Как записать студентов на курсы
  11. Preguntas Más Frecuentes 

    1. Cómo crear un curso nuevo en Eliademy
    2. Cómo agregar y editar contenido
    3. Cómo agregar una imagen en el editor visual
    4. Cómo agregar un video al material de tu curso
    5. Cómo agregar material multimedia (Slideshare)
  12. All articles 

    1. How to add and edit content
    2. Cómo crear un curso nuevo en Eliademy
    3. How to add collaborative writing pad with TitanPad to Eliademy
    4. Miten palautan tehtävän
    5. Kuinka voin järjestellä kurssini aiheita

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