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Translate Eliademy into catalan language

Hi there!

I can help with catalan language. Please let me know if I can be of help. I am native catalan speaker and certified English language translator.

Best Regards,

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Your help will be greatly appreciated. Our community is fully responsible for Eliademy success in many countries.

Please refer to our community translation guide at http://eliademy.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/238796-how-i-can-help-with-translation-of-eliademy-to-my-.

You can find Catalan translation page here: http://translate.eliademy.com/ca/eliademy/

I’d recommend to concentrate on app.po and theme.po, since they contain strings
user sees after login. base.po contains lots of text on landing page. For example about us, mobile or business page (which is not yet released) don’t really have to be translated to make public release (you can notice all of them with long paragraph of text and business* prefix in the name of the string). Once you complete app.po, theme.po and about 10% of base.po please ping us and we will enable Catalan for all users. From personal experience (i am maintaining Russian translation) it takes 2-3 hours to translate all strings. We push all updates from translate server to all users once a week, thus if you can easily continue improving translation after initial release.

And if you already registered on translation server, please tell us your user ID and will add you to Catalan “admins” list. This will give you ability to commit translation directly without waiting for validation from our side (unfortunately nobody from our team speaks Catalan).

Once again, thank you very much for you help. If you need anything please shot us an email to support@eliademy.com or straight to me sergey@cbtec.fi

Sergey Gerasimenko


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